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Our services

Creation of banners, posters, flyers, labels, logos

Visual identity is very important especially when establishing a profession. We can help you find your graphic identity or simply create necessary graphic media. Such as banners for social networks, posters, flyers, leaflets, labels, roll-up/pop-up banners, etc.


Management of social networks/Community Management

A presence on social networks has become essential for every company. Community Management work can take a long time. Therefore to save you time, we offer to manage your Facebook page, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. We will take care of your social networks in order to increase the awareness of your brand and bring more traffic to your website. We offer the creation and management of Facebook Ads campaigns/Instagram as well as the management of Google My Business to enable your business and your products to appear on Google Maps.


Creation and management of Google Ads campaigns, SEA

Optimising a website for search engines takes a lot of time and energy. Natural referencing (SEO) is challenging. To develop your presence on the web faster and improve your ranking in search engines, we manage your paid advertising, i.e. paid search (Search Engine Advertising). We offer the creation and management of Google Ads campaigns to position your website on the first page of Google search results.


Creation of websites/showcase sites

The visibility of a brand on the Internet is essential today. Therefore we offer to create your website. Do you need a showcase website, a www site to present your work/services or an online store? We will help you realise your project and advise you on the creation of your website.


Video editing and live stream setup

Video has become a very important tool for communicating on the web. More and more, video is used to showcase your brand, your services, your work. We offer video editing so that your footage is high quality and appealing. If you want to make live videos, we can support you and set up the technical part so that your live stream is fluid.


Product photos

To sell your products it is essential to present them in an attractive way. If you own an online store or sell products on the Internet, the photos of your products should reflect your professionalism. We offer to take product photos whether for your e-commerce site or for your social networks. We create packshots as well as product photos in a real-life setting.


Portrait photos

Today image is even more important than it was in the past. Whether it’s for your social networks or for you, we offer portrait photos. Portrait photos are taken in a location mutually agreed. The session can take place in a photo studio, outside or in the room of your choice.


Event photos

Lakssya, web and e-marketing agency offers event photos. We take pictures during concerts, festivals, sporting events, fairs, presentations, exhibitions, etc. Event photos are taken according to your needs in order to highlight what is important to you.


Sport photos

Lakssya, web and e-marketing agency offers sport photos. We take pictures at sporting events such as ultratrails, running, marathons, MMA, acrobatics and other sporting events.


Corporate photos

We note that the current trend to find work very often happens via professional social networks like Linkedin. Therefore it is important to have a professional photo that you could use on your social networks and in searching for work. Increasingly companies are showing their teams and their offices with stylish business photos in order to make candidates want to come and work in their firm. We create corporate photos for individuals and businesses whatever the need. Whether it’s for professional portrait photos, workplace photos or team photos.



Landscape photos

Lakssya takes photos of landscapes to showcase your region or activity. Mountain photos are our speciality! If you want to promote your city, county or region, call our web and e-marketing agency.