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Graphic design for artists

//Graphic design for artists

Graphic design

Lakssya, web and e-marketing agency provides some examples of graphic design created for artists

Graphic design for artists

Category : Graphics

Lakssya makes artist prints, press kits, banners for artists

Graphic design for artists is different from graphic design for businesses. Graphics for musicians require more creativity. Every artist wants to be unique. Lakssya ensures that it’s creations reflect the style of music and the identity of the artist.

Our web and e-marketing agency creates posters and banners for DJs and music artists. We also produce artist prints and press kits. All of Lakssya’s artwork is adapted to the formats and specific needs of social networks: Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Mixcloud etc. We also dress the video of the artist so that the recording or live stream showcases the name, logo and partners.

Lakssya also creates posters, banners and other graphic media for evening and music events.

Our web and e-marketing agency collaborates with several artists and event organisers in the world of music in Europe.

Lakssya also takes care of the management of artist’s social networks, organises music events and takes photos at concerts.

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