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Organisation of a cyber festival C-19 Music Festival

//Organisation of a cyber festival C-19 Music Festival

Co-organisation of C-19 Music Festival

Lakssya, web and e-marketing agency is co-founder of the cyber festival 'C-19 Music Festival'

Co-organisation of the cyber festival 'C-19 Music Festival'

Lakssya is co-founder of an online music festival

C-19 Music Festival was created in collaboration with Comm’On Digitals, Volkane and Nomaden. The festival was launched in France at the start of the lockdown due to Covid-19. It was created with the aim of making lockdown less difficult while still allowing artists to express themselves. It took place entirely online on the C-19 Music Festival Facebook page, which was renamed to and the communication was relayed on the festival’s Instagram account.

Lakssya and the other co-organisers put in place a digital strategy that paid off. In a matter of weeks, the Facebook page reached 8,000 followers obtained through organic traffic. The creation, animation and loyalty of the community of the cyber festival community is essential.

The festival presents 7 music scenes like Chill-out, Worldwide, Rave On, Reggae, Hip-Hip, Sound System and Clubbing. The online festival C-19 Music Festival brought together more than 50 music partners and in two months, more than 400 artists from different styles of music participated.

Lakssya, Comm’On Digitals, Volkane and Nomaden have invited well-known and lesser-known artists from all over the world. We have presented musicians from countries such as: France, Réunion, Spain, Poland, UK, Belgium, Germany, India, Guyana and many more.

  • Start date : 16 mars 2020
  • What ? : C-19 Music Festival
  • Subject : Musique
  • Location : Facebook
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