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Management of social networks for game rooms

//Management of social networks for game rooms

Community Management

Lakssya, web and e-marketing agency manages the social networks of game rooms.

Management of social networks of game rooms

Lakssya provides Community Management for game rooms

Social networks are a very powerful communication tool for entertainment businesses. Games rooms are particularly targeted at young people and all those who like to have fun. Knowing how to communicate with your target audience is essential to attract potential customers of games rooms such as Laser Games.

Lakssya provides management of Facebook and Instagram pages for game rooms. The Community Management work of our web and e-marketing agency consists of creating posts, stories or live videos on social networks. We also manage paid Facebook Ads campaigns to reach a larger audience. All campaigns are prepared and targeted according to the needs of our clients.

Lakssya helps to set up a specific communication strategy to extend the visibility of our clients. It is important to find a larger clientele who would be interested in entertainment venues.

Our web and e-marketing agency also provides a graphic design service for game rooms.

Base package

Management of a single social network, 4 posts per month and if necessary a paid monthly campaign on social networks.

Standard package

Management of a single social network, 8 posts per month, between 1 and 2 paid monthly campaigns on social networks.

Complete package

Management of several social networks, between 8 and 12 posts per month, 1 to 2 paid monthly campaigns on social networks, 4 design creations per month.

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