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Graphic design for business

//Graphic design for business

Banners, brochures, flyers, kakemono

Lakssya, web and e-marketing agency presents some examples of graphic design

Creation of graphics for business

Category : Graphics

Lakssya’s services include creation of banners, brochures, roll-ups, etc.

Brand graphics are very important whether for a website, social networks or printed media. Our web and e-marketing agency offers all kinds of graphic design to improve your brand image. Lakssya creates labels, flyers, business cards, posters, logos.

We also make banner formats adapted for Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, as well as sliders and visuals suitable for your website.

We produce advertising materials such as: roll-up/pop-up banners, advertising canvases, POS and advertising banners for your trade shows, fairs and exhibitions.

All artwork is designed to fit with your brand’s graphic identity and colour palette.

Throughout the project Lakssya provides guidance and helps you choose the most suitable media based on your objective and target audience so that the visual communication is as effective as possible.

We are also able to handle the printing of your paper-based formats including delivery to the provided address (European Union only).


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