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Product photos, packshots

//Product photos, packshots

Product photos

Lakssya, web and e-marketing agency presents examples of projects involving product photos

Product photos and packshots

Category : Photo

Lakssya creates product photos, packshots and photos in a real-life setting

Our web and e-marketing agency creates and edits product photos. Lakssya creates quality photographs to enhance and increase the sale of your products. We make photos for banners and sliders that can be used on your online store as well as your social networks. Lakssya also produces packshot images on a white or light grey background (or another color as necessary) ideal for your e-commerce site or for a sale on an online auction site.

Our web and e-marketing agency also creates product photos within a real-life setting which can be used on your site as visual features or to create advertisements and banners. Such images often require additional accessories, the presence of models or a specific location. It all depends on the final desired effect.

The product photos are taken at the client’s location, Lakssya or outside. It all depends on the desired type of visuals. If a photo session requires the presence of models, it is necessary for the client to give us advance notice.

We also offer other photo services such as: portrait photographs, event photos, sport photos, photos of landscapes and corporate photos.

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